Mark Davis Is Building A $14 Million Home That Legitimately Looks Like A Supervillain’s Lair

Mark Davis building nevada home supervillain lair

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  • Mark Davis is building a home in Nevada that looks like it was designed by a Bond villain
  • The massive complex that will be constructed in Henderson is expected to cost $14 million
  • Read more about the Raiders owner here

In 2014, ESPN published what is possibly the finest profile ever penned after spending some quality time with Raiders owner Mark Davis. Despite being worth $500 million, we learned the eccentric son of Al Davis was more than happy to live a decidedly unlavish lifestyle defined by:

  • The old-school Nokia phone he was still using 15 years after it was first released
  • The white 1997 Dodge minivan—complete with a VHS player—that served as his preferred mode of transportation
  • Regular visits to Hooters and P.F. Changs
  • The rental cars he drives to the airport if a cab would cost him more

However, Davis spared no expense when it came to the construction of the $2 billion coliseum the team that is now known as the “Las Vegas Raiders” call home. Based on a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the same can be said about the spiritual relative of the Star Destroyer that is Allegiant Stadium he’s decided to construct in Henderson now that the franchise has officially set up shop in Nevada.

The outlet got its hands on the construction plans for the over 15,000-square-foot complex, which is slated to be erected in the exclusive Ascaya neighborhood that’s already filled to the brim with some equally lavish homes. Based on the blueprints, 5,422 of those square feet will be devoted to a massive garage, but it will also feature a steam room, a massive outdoor pool, and the requisite “man cave” where Davis can just be a guy being a dude.

It’s safe to say the futuristic exterior of a home that’s expected to run Davis $14 million is the most intriguing aspect, and plenty of people chimed in with comparisons after getting a glimpse at the proposed design.

Must be nice.

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