Cubs Legend Mark Grace In Hot Water For Insulting His Ex-Wife During Game Broadcast

Mark Grace In Trouble For Insulting His Ex-Wife During Cubs Broadcast

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For Major League Baseball first baseman Mark Grace is a legend in Chicago after 13 excellent seasons with the Cubs.

He was also a legend off the field being perhaps the most eligible bachelor in the city, much of which was discussed on sports radio during his playing days.

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Grace ended up finishing his career playing three seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks before calling it quits with a superb career .303 batting average.

Now Grace serves as an analyst for select Chicago Cubs games on Marquee Sports Network as well as working in the booth for Diamondbacks games for Fox Sports Arizona.

On Saturday, while working the Cubs game versus the Brewers, Grace got himself into some hot water when he decided to tell a story about his ex-wife, who he referred to as “dingbat” multiple times while telling it, once parked in former MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s parking space.

“My ex-wife, I’m going to go Archie Bunker on you guys a little bit,” Grace began the story, getting off to a hot start. “I called her the dingbat.”

Following his little soliloquy, viewers immediately jumped on social media to express their displeasure with Grace and his story.

Grace has now been suspended by Marquee Sports Network for the next five Cubs games.

He later apologized for his story in a statement (via Chicago Tribune).

“During today’s game I referred to my ex-wife in a way that I absolutely should not have,” said Grace. “I want everyone to know how very sorry I am about that. My remarks were offensive and inappropriate, and I deeply apologize.”

Frankly, I am surprised it took this long for Grace to get into trouble.