Mark Stone Didn’t Let A Brutal Injury Stop Him From Scoring A Hat Trick In The Stanley Cup Finals

Las Vegas Golden Knights winger Mark Stone

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The term “Hockey Tough” is commonly used to refer to NHL players who have an almost superhuman ability to overcome some brutal injuries while still managing to perform at an exceptional level—and it’s safe to say that term applies to Golden Knights forward Mark Stone.

In June, Las Vegas secured the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history by topping the Panthers in five games.

Stone was a pretty solid contributor over the course of that series, as he rack up a total of nine points thanks to the five goals and four assists he tallied to help the Golden Knights cap off the season by raising hockey’s greatest prize.

Three of those goals came in the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals, as Stone notched a hat trick in the 9-3 victory that saw one very happy bettor in attendance shower his section in T-Mobile Arena with a wad of cash.

The Golden Knights captain opened up the scoring with a shorthanded goal in the first period, extended his team’s lead to 5-1 with a one-timer in the second, and capped off the hat trick with an empty-netter in the closing minutes of the third.

It was a pretty impressive achievement on its own, but you have to appreciate it even more after learning he netted at least a couple of those goals while nursing a broken wrist.

On Tuesday, Stone dropped by The Pat McAfee Show and revealed he spent the majority of that contest dealing with the setback he succumbed to after getting hit by a stick at some point in the opening frame, saying:

“Unfortunately, I took a whack in the first period and fractured my left wrist.

I took a few things in between periods to make sure she was good to go for the last one…had to make sure it was dialed in to lift the trophy too.”

Stone isn’t the only person who had to deal with a broken bone during the Stanley Cup Finals, as multiple members of the Panthers also had to grapple with some brutal ailments in their unsuccessful quest to top the Golden Knights.

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