Marlin Almost Kills Fisherman, Nearly Stabbing Him Through The Chest When It Charges The Boat At Full Speed

If you’re 25 miles out to sea fighting a massive marlin the last thing you want to see is a fish turn tail and charge straight at the boat. It’s actually not out of the realm of possibility for an angler to be stabbed by a frenzied billfish (just last December I wrote about a Hawaiian man who took the bill of a 500-pound blue marlin through his leg).

As you can see it wasn’t the mate on that boat’s first rodeo, when that marlin charges the boat and almost comes entirely over the gunwale the mate hits the deck as fast as he can. Scary shit right here:

Once more in GIF, because why not?

Well, because that was such a close miss I got to wondering what sort of footage was out there of a marlin actually impaling a fisherman in the middle of a fight. As it turns out people have caught this type of encounter on camera before, and if you’ve got a strong stomach you’re free to watch the two videos below.

In each of them a marlin is going batshit crazy and charges the boat, then the angler gets a bill through his body. The first one’s pretty old and the second one is part of some TV show I vaguely recall seeing a few years ago:


You don’t typically associate fishing with ‘near-death encounters’ or ‘several hundred pound beast stabbing human through the face’, but here we are.

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