Marlins Ballboy Cost The Team After Chucking A Fair Ball Into The Stands

The Miami Marlins got shellacked by the Dodgers on Thursday night. Miami only managed to record 2 hits (and 2 errors) while LA had a typical Dodgers night and scored 10 runs on 16 hits, and at least one of those runs was the result of a boneheaded error from a Miami Marlins ballboy.

During the top of the 6th inning, Freddie Freeman ripped one down the first base line. It was a fair ball. But the Miami Marlins ballboy didn’t see it that way and proceeded to pick up the ball and chuck it to fans in the stands.

The result was a ground rule double that sent Mookie Betts home for a run, a run that was the direct result of the Marlins ballboy’s mistake.

Interestingly, the ground rule double result handed Freddie Freeman a Dodgers record. His 52nd double is now a new record amongst all LA Dodgers players in history.

Everyone has off days but man, that feels like an Allstate and Snickers commercial wrapped up into one. His lone job is to fetch foul balls but he ended up costing his employer a run.

The only silver lining here is the Marlins got completely blown out. If it was a close game and that 1 run caused by he Fan Interference Ground Rule Double cost the Marlins a victory then this would have been a much bigger deal. Alas, the Marlins got trounced for 10 runs and the Dodgers continued to run away with the NL West, again, and pad their 13-game division lead over Arizona.

In response to the ground rule double, a Dodgers fan joke “He took a triple from my boy Freeman.” Someone else added “Ball boy? That’s a ball man!” One Marlins fan joked “Do I have the power to fire a 12 year old?”

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