Marlon Wayans Hilariously Trolls Russell Wilson For Crying After The NFC Championship

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The fine folks over at TMZ caught up with Marlon Wayans as he was walking through a parking garage (they really do leave no stone unturned) when they asked if he happened to catch any of the NFL action over the weekend. Wayans replied that he watched the Seahawks-Packers game saying, “I watched the Seattle game. That was sad,” and he wasn’t just referring to the epic collapse by the Packers.

“Seeing whatshisname cry…Russell Wilson. It’s hard when you see a grown man cry. ‘Cause his nose swoled up so much when he cried… little kids their noses just [pantomimes nose growth]. That was sad,” said Wayans.

“No, he was happy, you know,” continued Marlon, “I think he was crying going, ‘I know I fucked up. Four fuckin’ interceptions and we still won. God loves me.'”

Yep, God is definitely one of the 12th men. The Patriots might as well just concede right now, especially since everyone knows that they’re the devil and all.