Mason Rudolph Will Reportedly Be Fined For His Role In The Myles Garrett Fight So Browns Fans Can Stop Complaining Now

mason rudolph fined myles garrett incident

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On Thursday night, all hell broke loose in Cleveland when Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph engaged in a scuffle that resulted in the defensive end ripping off the quarterback’s helmet and pulling a Happy Gilmore when he decided to use the piece of equipment as a weapon.

The fallout was swift and immediate as Garrett immediately came under fire from his own teammate in addition to the many players (both current and former) who expressed their disbelief at the situation.

Rudolph was asked about the altercation after the game and was understandably a little pissed off, as he labeled Garrett a coward for pulling this indefensible move.

However, there’s also been a ton of bitching and moaning from Browns fans today who have accused Rudolph of helping to escalate the situation, as he appeared to give Garrett a bit of a sack tap with his foot as the two men engaged with each other.

It didn’t take long for the NFL to dole out some punishment, and on Friday morning, the league announced Garrett will be suspended indefinitely thanks to his questionable decision making.

No one should have really been surprised by the announcement but plenty of people were pissed that Rudolph seemed to get off scot-free.

However, according to Tom Pelissero, those people can put down their pitchforks and extinguish their torches, as he reports the NFL is expected to levy a fine against the Steeler as a result of his actions.

I can only hope this gives Browns fans some solace because they certainly need something to take comfort in given how the season has gone so far.

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