Replay Video Shows Mason Rudolph Planting His Foot In Myles Garrett’s Groin During The Brawl

mason rudolph kick myles garrett groin

Getty Image / Frank Jansky

Myles Garrett completely lost it at the end of the Browns – Steelers game on Thursday night ripping off Mason Rudolph’s helmet and making a swing at him with it. There’s absolutely no excuse for what Garrett did, but in breaking down the video, Rudolph may not be completely innocent.

Some people are pointing to this video of Rudolph laying on the ground and his foot extremely gently coming up catching Garrett in the groin claiming he full-on kicked him, but I’m not sure about that one. Sure, he makes contact but calling that a ‘kick to the groin’ is a stretch.

That particular moment was the very beginning of what was to come between Garrett and Rudolph. A few seconds later, something serious did happen between Rudolph’s foot and Garrett’s groin however.

As you can see in the video below, Rudolph attempts to push Garrett away by driving him with his foot on his groin. You could look at it as Rudolph targeting the groin or simply trying to get a gigantic man off of him and his foot just so happened to be there. Either way, it’s not a great look for the Steelers quarterback.

Garrett, who will without question be suspended following the brawl, came out after the game and claimed that ‘a win is a win’ and didn’t think the game was overshadowed by him ripping a man’s helmet off and taking a swing at him with it.

Baker Mayfield, on the other hand, said the action was ‘inexcusable.’

The Browns won the game 21-7, but nobody is talking about the game itself, it all comes back to the bizarre brawl that came with eight ticks left on the clock.