The Masters Late-Night Coverage Ignored Very Loud Sirens In The Background, Is Everyone Okay?!

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Almost seven full months after its originally scheduled date, The Masters is taking place this weekend after COVID-19 forced its postponement. A tradition unlike any other comes with plenty of hype in a standard year, but with the delay, people are even more excited. I am one of those folks.

Since the golfers arrived over the weekend, I have been tapped into every waking moment of coverage. When I flipped over to the Golf Channel for my final check-in of the day as I faded off to sleep last night, I heard some sirens outside of my window, or so I thought. I quickly came to the realization that the commotion was not coming from the heavy-traffic street out my front door, but in fact from the television. I hit mute to confirm my findings, and immediately had my mind start to flood with questions.

Surely Brandel Chamblee and Justin Leonard, who are hosting the discussion, hear the sirens. In fact, it appears as though Chamblee is slightly rattled by them. How could you not be, they’re blaring! But is there no worry as to what they are or where they are coming from?! Is everyone okay? Why are the sirens not addressed? Do Chamblee and Leonard think that the VERY LOUD sirens can’t be heard over the air? Is a producer in their ears telling them to push through?

The mystery is left unsolved, and we may never know what happened at Augusta on the night of Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, but the people deserve answers.