Reigning US Open Champion Matt Fitzpatrick Has No Clue What Happening With The PGA-LIV Merger

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The PGA Tour and LIV Golf brought the golf world to a halt last week when the duo announced a stunning merger.

But there was just tiny problem.

No one involved the decision told any of the players on either side. And none of the players seem to have a clue what’s going on.

And now it appears that the merger could be dead in the water if the United States congress has anything to say about it.

Players from both leagues are in Los Angeles this week ahead of the 123rd US Open at Los Angeles Country Club. Reigning US Open champ Matt Fitzpatrick was asked about the merger. And as it turns out, he knows nothing about it either.

“Well, I think I just don’t know what’s going on,” Fitzpatrick said. “I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on. Are we signing with the PIF? Are we not signing with the PIF? I have no idea. Even though I guess it is confusing, it’s pretty clear that nobody knows what’s going on apart from about four people in the world.”

Fitzpatrick also said that he was left in the dark about the merger.

“I found out when everyone else found out,” Fitzpatrick said. “Yeah, honestly, I know literally nothing.”

But he didn’t exactly shake off the idea that he should be compensated for not leaving the tour when LIV offered him a large lump sum to jump ship.

“Yeah, pass,” he said after a chuckle and long break.

It’s increasingly clear with each passing day that nobody seems to know what the future of golf holds. Even those who brokered the deal seem more hopeful than confident.

Sadly, for the fans and the players, they have no real say when it comes to what the next move is.