Mavericks Fans Are Sick And Tired Of Luka Doncic’s Flopping And Are Now Calling Him Out

Mavericks Fans Are Tired Of Luka Doncic's Flopping And Call Him Out

Getty Image / Ron Jenkins

The Dallas Mavericks narrowly lost to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night after falling 98-97. They’re still in the running right now, but the fans might be turning on Luka Doncic. He was seen flopping yet again and it sounds like the fanbase is getting sick and tired of it.

According to Mavs/Magic Draft, Doncic’s flopping abilities were on full display against the Nuggets. So much so, that on one particular play, they suggest this could “be the worst flop of his career.”

On top of that, Luka Doncic continuously complains to the referees for not calling fouls that aren’t actually happening. He’s received plenty of technical fouls lately, as the Mavericks’ point guard consistently barrages the refs, per Mavs/Magic Draft.

Mavs Fans Call Out Luka Doncic

It’s not a great look for Luka Doncic whatsoever. He’s a fantastic basketball player, there’s no doubt about that. Regardless, he tends to flop so much that many just expect it from him now.

Mavericks fans seem to agree that his flopping is getting out of hand, as they start to call out the superstar point guard.

A Luka Doncic flop is about as comment as the sun rising every day.

Has complaining to the referees ever worked for anyone in the history of sports?

Maybe one day the Mavericks guard will change his habits. For now though, it appears to be a bad habit that’s costing the team on certain plays. It’s not a great look that the fans are calling him out. If they’re tired of the flopping, then how does the rest of the league feel?