Basketball Fans Are Completely Destroying ESPN Over Its Awful New NBA Theme Song

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The start of a new NBA season means new players, new narratives and perhaps even a new NBA MVP?

It also means a new upgrade for ESPN’s broadcast of NBA games. The broadcast giant announced a host of new changes to their in-game and pregame presentations on Tuesday.

Among those changes are a new score graphic, new colors on the score bug and a change to the network’s NBA theme music.

So while the voices will be the same, with Hubie Brown back for a package of around 15 games and JJ Redick taking on an expanded role, all anyone could talk about was the new theme song.

Basketball Fans Absolutely Trash New ESPN NBA Theme Song

The song itself really isn’t that bad in this writer’s opinion. Though it sounds a lot like a generic loading screen song ripped from an old NBA Jam game.

Other fans, however, were not quite as receptive to the change.

Some compared it to a rejected rap song.

Others didn’t care about the song, so long as their team is winning.

While some even thought the new theme was pretty good.

Most, however, absolutely despised the song.

Probably not the response ESPN expected when it likely spent truckloads of money developing the new theme.

ESPN will debut the theme on Thursday night when it broadcasts a preseason game between the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets.

The NBA regular season begins on Tuesday, Oct. 18 with the Celtics hosting the Sixers and the Warriors hosting the Lakers. ESPN’s first regular season national broadcast is Oct. 19. The Knicks host the Grizzlies in the front end of a doubleheader with the Mavericks visiting the Suns in game two.

The NBA might not be officially “back” yet. But fans are definitely in midseason form with their anger toward anything and everything.