The Mavericks Literally Handcuffed Themselves To Harrison Barnes To Ensure He Signed His Deal With Them

That’s one way to skin a cat. Is this even legal? Like, let’s say that Harrison Barnes decides he didn’t want to play for the Mavs anymore? Is a contract binding if you had to sign it in order to no longer be handcuffed to a person? Even if they use this picture as evidence, no one is going to blame him for smiling. People smile all the time when they’re in danger. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. In the Mavs’ defense, however, last year they tried to nail down DeAndre Jordan but he changed his mind last minute and left them swinging in the breeze. So the Mavs weren’t getting caught with their dicks out this year. So they decided to get a little medieval and make sure he couldn’t go anywhere unless he cut his hand off. Though, if you have to escape anyone via self-mutilation, there are probably ruder people to do it from than Mark Cuban.