Maybe The Vikings Should Sign Trent The Mechanic To Kick Their 27-Yard Field Goals Laces In



I’m still in utter disbelief that Blair Walsh missed that kick yesterday. A measly 27-yard field goal to send the Minnesota Vikings through to the next round of the playoffs, and it went wide left as wide left could be. As the field goal unit was marching onto the field, I even turned to my buddy and said “Easiest kick of his life, right?” Twelve seconds and laces out later, and I was sitting on my couch, mouth agape at what just happened. I’m not even a Vikings fan, but damn, I felt absolutely horrible for Blair Walsh & co. after the valiant effort they out up against the reigning NFC champs.

If only the Vikings had Trent the mechanic drilling it down the middle for them yesterday, maybe things would’ve been different. Possible off-season signing right here?

Look! Just look how easy that was! How is this dude not on an NFL roster!? His preferred method is laces in! That means laces out and he’d probably be good from 30-yards out! Trent the mechanic FTW. Although I almost couldn’t see him running up for the kick.

In all seriousness, though, yeah Trent got out there and blasted this kick thorough the uprights, but there’s no possible way to replicate the kind of pressure an NFL kicker is under on any FG attempt, let-alone a game-winning one in sub-zero temperatures yesterday.

Great effort, Trent. But I still think Blair Walsh’s role is intact with the Vikes, and I hope to God he gets a kick at redemption one day. Poor dude.

[h/t Fox Sports]

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