Megan Rapinoe Reacts To Fans Rooting Against USWNT ‘There’s A Backlash Against Women Right Now’

Megan Rapinoe

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Megan Rapinoe is finally speaking out after the USWNT was eliminated early from the Women’s World Cup.

Two weeks ago, some American fans cheered as Rapinoe missed a crucial penalty kick that helped Sweden beat the United States in the round of 16.

Soccer commentator Alexi Lalas noted that the politics of the players made the team unlikeable to a large portion of the country.

On Tuesday, Rapinoe spoke with The Atlantic and reacted to Lalas’ comments and American fans who cheered against the USWNT.

Rapinoe says she believes “there’s a backlash against women happening right now.”

Via The Atlantic

“Yeah, it was really disappointing—and the speed with which those comments got into the atmosphere. Everybody on the right—and everybody who was using hateful language and these tropes—it’s like they have just been waiting since, I don’t know, 2016? 2019? They’ve been waiting for this team to stumble. But when we are perfect, then we are accused of thinking that we’re perfect.

“Really, what’s happening is that the right wing wants this to be true: They want women to believe that you can’t fight for things and be excellent; you can’t ask for what you deserve and be successful. But the reality is, we’re doing that. Beyoncé is doing that. Taylor Swift is doing that. Coco Gauff is doing that. We are still great on the field, and we’re fighting for equality, and it’s better for our bottom line and the sport’s.”

“One thing that America does really well is backlash. I think there’s a huge backlash against women happening right now.”

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