A Memphis Player Stole A Football And Ran Away From Auburn Players While Flipping Them Off After Bowl Loss

A pretty bizarre scene went down today following the Birmingham Bowl between the Memphis Tigers and Auburn Tigers—which Auburn won 31-10.

According to a Deadspin article, some Memphis player named Reggis Ball was on the hunt for a football used during the game, going to great lengths in order to secure one by tackling an Auburn ballboy and then sprinting away in celebration as he flipped off opposing players.

Here’s what onlookers were tweeting about the incident, which, based on that video above, absolutely happened.

I’d normally blame this on the a a a a a alcohol, but, unless Ball was sipping something other than Gatorade on the sidelines, this was just something he did because… well, there’s no reason I can come up with.

Let’s hope the dude explains himself during a postgame interview, because I really want to know what’s up.

[H/T Deadspin]