Memphis Was Left Out Of Big 12 Expansion And Now They’re Completely Irrelevant So Fans Are FURIOUS

University of Memphis Tigers Big 12 Expansion

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  • University of Memphis fans are freaking out over the Big 12’s decision to expand without them and the school president is trying to ease the tension.
  • No matter how hard the Tigers try to be relevant, they aren’t. And now they’re on an island. Tough.
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Memphis football was so close to being relevant, but once again, it is not. The Big 12 announced that it is formally extending membership invitations to four schools, but the school from the Bluff City was not one of them.

As a result, the Tigers are in a brutal spot and their fans are freaking out.

Early on Friday morning, Big 12 presidents met to discuss its plans for expansion. With Texas and Oklahoma leaving for the SEC, the conference was left with four vacant spots.

In their place, the Big 12 is officially extending membership invitations to BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF.

Of the four teams that received offers, three are coming from the American Conference. None of the three is Memphis.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about who the Big 12 would choose to invite. Somehow, some way, delusional Tigers fans convinced themselves that they might be invited.

However, once again, the state of Tennessee’s red-headed stepchild was left out. Thus, Memphis is left to compete in the American alongside the following teams:

  • South Florida
  • Navy
  • SMU
  • East Carolina
  • Tulane
  • Temple
  • Tulsa

A team from the American Conference was already unlikely to receive an invitation to the College Football Playoff. Now, after the expansion of the Big 12, there is an almost zero percent chance that an American team will be considered for one of four playoff spots.

The hopeless are searching for hope.

Memphis is hopeless and its fans are losing their minds. Things are so bad — the dumpster fire is burning so large — that the University of Memphis President had to release a statement.


In his release, Dr. M. David Rudd tried to hype up his program, comparing it to the likes of Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma. Each of the programs have won eight games in each of the last seven seasons.

But, the thing is… Georgia and Alabama did it in the SEC. Oklahoma did it in the Big 12. Memphis did it in the American.

No matter what they chose to believe, the Tigers are not on the same level as a Power 5 program. And now, after the expansion, they are completely ostracized on an island.

It’s a really brutal time to be a Memphis fan. Especially after the melee that broke out in the stands last weekend. Memphis fans are literally fighting themselves while their hopes of relevance crumble around them.




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