These Messed Up ‘UFC 2’ Glitches Will Make You Wonder What The Developers Were Smoking

Wasting time playing video games to get myself through the cold, rainy, dark winter nights was a perfect excuse to do nothing for a few months, but one of the best things about spending so much time with a controller in my hand was seeing a fucked up glitch that left me laughing—and wondering how the hell something like that can even happen?

With the release of EA Sports’ UFC 2 this past Tuesday, fans have been raving about the gameplay and all that good shit, but they’ve also cracked up at some of the glitches, with these two being some of the funniest I’ve ever seen.

I honestly can’t stop LOL’ing at a fighter getting pummeled by a punching bag, or seeing some fighter laying outside the Octagon getting beaten to a pulp by his opposition—so go ahead and watch these on replay over and over again.

[H/T Kotaku]

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