The Mets Lost Yesterday After Walking In A Bases-Loaded Winning Run…The Reason Why Is Crazy

The New York Mets lost yesterday to the Colorado Rockies. There’s nothing at all surprising about this because the Mets have been a dumpster fire for years. They currently boast a 49-57 record and are approximately 3 years away from being able to even compete for the NL East division title. The Rockies boast one of the best records in the NL (62-47) but they’re still 14.5 games out of the division lead because they’re forced to compete against the hottest team in all of baseball, the LA Dodgers.

It would’ve actually been surprising if the New York Mets won yesterday, there’s nothing shocking about them losing to the Rockies, but the manner in which the Mets lost is actually pretty shocking. The Mets lost after walking in a bases-loaded run when reliever Hansel Robles threw the ball approximately 400-feet above Arenado’s head. It turns out, the reason that Robles was so erratic from the mound is that HE PINCHED HIS NUTS after landing awkwardly in the previous inning, and because he hit his nuts he lost all sensation in his fingers…The dude couldn’t even feel his hands:

Bros, if you ever hit your nuts and lose all feeling in your fingers there’s no shame in owning that. There is some shame in losing the game for your team because you can’t feel your fingers, and not mentioning anything until after the game.

I get that Ray Ramirez, the Mets’ trainer, is one scary ass dude, but that shouldn’t have prevented Robles from speaking up and telling someone he couldn’t even feel his fucking hands. By keeping his mouth shut he cost his team the game, and that’s not right. Though, I’m sure the Mets would’ve found a way to lose the game in extra innings even if Robles got out of the inning. (h/t Extra Mustard)

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