Michael Jordan Says Who He Thinks Should Star In ‘Space Jam 2’ (Hint: It’s Not LeBron James)

For years, there have been rumors, speculation and hope that a sequel to the 1996 “hit” Space Jam would be released, featuring current hoops stars to replace the original cast that included Michael Jordan and a bunch of Looney Tunes taking down an intimidating squad of MonStars.

And while it has been reported that LeBron James would be the main star that takes over MJ’s spot with the Tune Squad, Jordan actually thinks another NBA player should take on the role—Blake Griffin.

Talking to a bunch of youngster at a recent basketball camp, Mike was asked the question that so many of us have wondered ourselves, with the six-time champ dropping Griffin as his answer.

Of course, this isn’t a surprise given Blake’s starpower while playing for a team based in L.A., as well as cameos in his own TV shows and commercials. Plus, well, the Clippers All-Star is signed to Jordan Brand as an endorser, so, just a little thing to keep in mind.

No matter which player earns the main role, let’s hope Space Jam 2 finally happens—because I’m starting to get impatient while talking about it.

[H/T Complex]