Welp, Looks Like ‘Space Jam 2’ Is Definitely Happening Now

30 for 30 space jam

Although the original flick came out 19 years ago, the movie Space Jam has gotten quite the fucking attention over the past couple weeks, as rumors have swirled for years about a sequel being released at some point.

First, Nick Young of the L.A. Lakers said some shit about who he thought should star in the movie, tossing out a few names and joking that Blake Griffin was, “too beige” to take the lead role.

Following that, I, myself, added some gasoline to the fire, writing an article with whom I would cast if the movie actually ever came to fruition for our buddies at Bleacher Report, causing some to think that my cast was in response to the certainty of a sequel.

Of course, it’s the Internet, so no one really knows what to believe anymore because you have people saying their “sources” have a friend who knows a guy who is related to someone with information. For that reason, it’s easy to call bullshit on news when it pops up online.


However, I’m pretty confident that the news that just got leaked out today on Twitter is legit, meaning that Space Jam 2 is in the works and that, allegedly, the superstar at the helm of the Tune Stars will be none other than Mr. LeBron James.

With James recently agreeing to a monster-ass deal with Warner Bros. pictures—who, shocking, owns the rights to the Space Jam title—rumors again began that the flick is in the works, with the above tweet being even more indication that this shit’s going down.

Look, Space Jam is a cult-classic that is either beloved by fans who want it to be kept sacred (See: BroBible’s JCamm), or just another sports movie that could use a facelift for current and future kids to see the Monstars and Tune Squad square-off. And, whatever your opinion is, sports fans should be stoked to see what the next installment has to bring—and how will actually star in it.

The only question left now is, will Bron Bron go into full Jordan mode and finally go bald, or will he keep holding onto what’s left of that hairline of his?


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