Drunk Michael Malone Was The Highlight Of The Denver Nuggets Championship Parade

Michael Malone


No one was having more fun than Nuggets head coach Michael Malone during the team’s championship parade.

On Thursday afternoon, the Denver Nuggets held their championship parade in downtown Denver.

It didn’t take long for Malone to pop champagne bottles with fans.

Throughout the parade, Malone was seen chugging beers and tossing the cans into the crowd.

Malone was later declared the ‘Lakers daddy’ as he continued to take shots of liquor while on the main stage.

An emotional Malone would later thank the fans who waited 47 years for a Nuggets championship.

“For me to share it with our fans that means the world to me, this an amazing experience, something that I believed in and I had no doubt that we could get to this point because of the people that I work with everyday”

“Life’s about moments and what we accomplished is 47 years in the making… I got a crazy idea man… Let’s do this s— again.”

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