ESPN’s Michael Smith Says ‘Stupid Shit’ Live On The Air, But Handles It Like A Boss

by 5 years ago
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All too often, a newscaster will slip up and say something inappropriate on live television and awkwardly pretend like it never happened. Like bro, you just said “cock” on national television, I’m no longer interested in hearing about tomorrow’s dew point.

But His & Hers co-anchor, Michael Smith, slipped up when arguing with Jemele Hill about a Penn State defensive tackle tackling a tree. He blurted out “stupid shit,” immediately realized it, and started joking about karma, getting fired, and having to live off his 401K savings. Making fun of yourself and mocking your mistakes before anyone else can deems everyone else powerless. Brilliant move.

And tackling a tree is a fucking try-hard move. Like dude, you went all the way into the woods to shoot a video of you tackling a spruce tree? Get a hobby.

He took to Twitter afterwards to rag on himself a little more.



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