Michelle Beadle Explains Why It Was Easy For Her To Leave ESPN, Shares Sound Advice About Social Media

Michelle Beadle Explains Why It Was Easy For Her To Leave ESPN

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  • Despite what some may think, Michelle Beadle says it wasn’t hard for her to leave her job at ESPN.
  • Beadle shared why her departure was easy and talked about staying off of social media.
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Michelle Beadle was a very familiar face across ESPN networks for a full decade but essentially went off-grid after deciding to leave the worldwide leader in 2019.

Up until recently, Beadle hadn’t been in the sports or media world at all and had not commented about her departure from ESPN.

In November, Beadle made new claims about LeBron James wanting her fired from ESPN after she criticized James and ‘The Decision.’ Beadle was never one to shy away from telling it like it is with regards to James.

Beadle ultimately agreed to a buyout with ESPN in 2019 and she shared details about what it was like stepping away from her “dream job” during a recent episode of ‘The Ariel Helwani Show.’

“I think (it was easy) because I did what I did and I reached what I wanted to reach and I was financially good. I think all of that combined really let me relax because I had worked so hard for so many years … I had never really taken a ‘break break’ from it,” Beadle said.

“I didn’t care if I was seen again because it was on my own terms. Had I been fired or had it been just a little bit different of an ending, maybe I would have been a little more angry or a little more feeling I have to get out there.”

Beadle Shares Advice About Twitter

Following her departure, Beadle wasn’t as active on social media, which was by design. While she understands Twitter is a valuable tool in the sports world, she’s made some changes about how she uses the app.

“What I have done, and I did this probably years ago, I turned off as much as you can,” Beadle explained. “I turned off comments from strangers, I don’t go digging, I never Google my name, I just stopped doing it.”

“I think it was Bill Simmons that actually told me to do that years ago. This would never bother you if you were out walking around, so why are you letting it bother you now? That’s actually, simply correct. Don’t go look for it, 100 positive things and one negative and that’s what you’ll remember and it ruins your day.”

Since her departure from ESPN, Beadle has started a podcast with The Athletic and is a special correspondent for the San Antonio Spurs. She attended UT-San Antonio for college.