F*ck Swiping, These Michigan Fans Met In An ESPN.com Comments Section And Just Got Hitched

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There are a hell of a lot of dating sites like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Match… whatever, you get the point. They might all have their different benefits, but something that might trump them all is simply commenting on a website’s post and tossing out some mack lines.

No joke, that’s what happened between Michigan Wolverines fans Kate and Brandon on ESPN.com, as their usernames bleu_girl_04 and AAWolv formed an online bond that began in 2012 on ESPN’s Big Ten blog, and recently just capped it with a wedding.


via Kate Queram

Their story is pretty crazy. I mean, sure, sports brings people together like almost nothing else, but to think that two people would actually meet byway of commenting on a website is nuts.

As plenty of us know, commenters on websites tend to be a bit, how do I say this, trolling, living behind their keyboards and talking shit to someone they don’t know, whether it be the writer or other commenters, with no regret or consequence other than being banned.

For some reason, though, Kate and Brandon, err, bleu_girl_04 and AAWolv, didn’t go to the extremes that other Big Ten football fans went in commenting, actually complimenting one another as Brandon used that online mack skill to woo Kate—turning her from a cyber crush into his wife.



The entire story is broken down on ESPN.com in a clever way—with those involved in the wedding using a chat room to talk about how it all went down—so take a peek here to see more about it.

Oh, and if there was any doubt that this was love at first type—as perfectly said by the best man—the guy’s name who delivered that speech was Tom Brady. No, not THAT Tom Brady, but pretty cool nevertheless.



This teaches us all a valuable lesson. When looking for some booty, a date, a relationship or marriage, stop wasting time on a silly app and start commenting on every single thing the Internet produces—dibs on Cosmo, I feel like a lot of hot chicks hangout there.


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