Mick Foley Is Entering Wing Bowl 23 And Honestly Thinks He’s Got A Shot At Winning



Wing Bowl — the yearly tradition of gluttony held in Philadelphia the Friday before the Super Bowl — announced their celebrity participant this year on WIP radio.

It’s wrestling legend and food eater Mick Foley.

This morning on WIP, Foley said he’s no celebrity stunt contestant: He’s in it to win. “I believe, as they say, on any given Sunday in the game of football,” Foley said on the station. “On Wing Bowl, it’s on — on any given day I believe I could stand my ground with the best in the world … I already have a doctor on hand ready to give me the Heimlich maneuver if needed.”

True. But not in this case. Unless the other competitors all die. Don’t get me wrong, Mick Foley is great at whatever he does — he’s an accomplished author, an actor and even a stand-up comic. I think Mick will compete in Wing Bowl. He might even make the top ten list of finishers. He won’t win.

Wing Bowl 2014 winner Molly Schuyler took home the trophy last year with an absurd 363 wings devoured. I’m not even sure Mick could name 363 wrestling moves.

Competitive eating is serious business. I wish him luck. If he can’t finish all the wings, I hope he grabs a handful and launches himself off the roof of the Wells Fargo Center.

[H/T: Philly Mag]