Mike Leach Delivers Spot-On Rant About The ‘Joyless’ College Football Season

mike leach rant joyless college football season

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Depending on who you talk to, the 2020 college football season has either been a great success or a horrific failure, but I think if we’re being honest, the best way to describe this season is to call it an ever-changing mess. At the end of the day though college football was played this year, which is a positive.

While it’s been frustrating for us fans to adjust to games being postponed or canceled and seeing players miss time due to the virus, you can’t help but feel for the coaches and players having to figure out things on the fly. With changing protocols, certain people testing positive, others being exposed to the virus through contact tracing; it’s been a real-life puzzle.

Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach has let his voice be heard all year about how frustrating the season has been from that standpoint. He’s expressed his feelings about not only the changing protocols but also the politics involved.

During his press conference on Monday, Leach went on an epic, rather spot-on rant about the 2020 season and how all the factors involved have created “the most joyless season on Earth.”

“The NFL does it one way, we do it another,” Leach said in part of his rant. “It’s just the constant stop and start and just the incessant change, adjustment, anytime you get committees involved in something, it’s going to be convoluted and twisted up and then the politicians are trying to beat their chest, and maximize on this at every step. In the end, together with all the commotion and clutter, we’ve created one of the most joyless seasons on earth. And hopefully we have the presence of mind to not repeat it this way again.”

Joyless definitely isn’t the worst word to use to describe 2020.

Mississippi State did experience some joy this football season, however. The Bulldogs upset LSU in Week 1 and looked liked world-beaters, but have since gone on to lose seven of their last eight games as they sit at 2-7 with a regular-season finale against Missouri set for Saturday.