Resurfaced Clip Of Mike McDaniel Trolling Chargers On Jumbotron Goes Viral

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel

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Most NFL coaches are no-nonsense Football Guys who tend to take things very seriously in the heat of the moment. However, there’s a fairly notable exception in the form of Dolphins skipper Mike McDaniel, whose essence is perfectly summed up in a story about how he reacted after ending up on the Jumbotron during a game against the Chargers.

McDaniel spent time with a number of different NFL teams after landing an internship with the Broncos in 2005 at the age of 22, and after holding his own as the offensive coordinator for the 49ers, Miami took a bit of a leap of faith by hiring him to fill the void that was created by the departure of Brian Flores.

The 40-year-old head coach would be the first person to admit he’s kind of a weird dude, but he’s become a fan favorite thanks in no small part to the unabashedly corny sense of humor he routinely shows off in interviews, press conferences, and in the middle of games—like the time he (unsuccessfully) begged Justin Fields to stop scrambling during a contest where the Dolphins had trouble containing the Bills QB.

McDaniel has a tendency to engage in some slightly unorthodox behavior on the sideline (after all, we’re talking about a man who got caught hitting a vape while coaching), and his legend has only continued to grow thanks to a resurfaced story about how he handled himself during a game against the Chargers.

Earlier this week, Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network called attention to what unfolded when the Chargers hosted the Dolphins at SoFi Stadium last season, as McDaniel couldn’t stop himself from doing a little bit of trolling after realizing he’d ended up on the Jumbotron during a coach’s challenge.

Here’s what he had to say:

“If you’ve been to SoFi, when they have a challenge, they will put both coaches on the screen…

Brandon Staley, he’s not looking at a camera or anything. He’s just walking around; he’s got his headset on, arms folded. 

Well, Mike McDaniels sees himself up there. They’re zoomed in on his face. You see him glance up at the scoreboard, and he sees it and pulls his microphone from his headset down and he goes, ‘Run the ball the next five plays. Run the ball the next five plays.'”

Never change, Mike McDaniel. Never change.

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