Mile High Stadium Caught On Fire And Fans Are Wondering If Denver Let Russ Cook A Little Too Early

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  • Mile High Stadium was on fire Thursday afternoon
  • It prompted everyone to post the same Russell Wilson comment on social media
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There was a surprising disturbance on Thursday afternoon inside of Denver’s Mile High Stadium.

Firefighters had to be called to put out some rather large flames inside of the Broncos’ home venue. The cause of the blaze is still unknown, though the crews were able to successfully evacuate bystanders before extinguishing the fire. There were no injuries reported.

Smoke could be seen from outside the stadium as passersby took a moment to film the scene from the interstate. Thankfully, the fire was able to be put out before anything got out of control.

With the flames doused and no injuries reported, fans took to social media to post the same comment. It circles around new signal caller Russell Wilson and a quote that dates back to the 2019 season.

Social Media Reacts To Mile High Fire With Same Russell Wilson Post

Russell Wilson joined the Denver Broncos roster this offseason after being traded away from Seattle. The All-Pro passer has fans excited for the upcoming campaign, but this recent incident has caused social media users to ask one simple question.

“Did the Broncos let Russ cook a little too early?”

The saying goes back to Wilson’s 2019 season with the Seahawks. In a Week 3 loss to New Orleans, one viewer tweeted out the phrase, “Let Russ cook.”

In other words, give the quarterback more control of the offense.

The post took off, so much so that Wilson even trademarked the phrase the following season. With the recent fire at Mile High, fans are jokingly saying that the passer’s new team may have let him do that a bit too early.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Russ and the Broncos will try to set a fire on the field this upcoming season.