This Is Absolutely Crazy Footage Of A Skydiver Getting His Wingsuit Caught While Jumping Out Of A Plane

Miles Daisher is a Red Bull-sponsored skydiver/wingsuit jumper who recently experienced one of the most terrifying moments of his career. On a recent wingsuit jump, Miles Daisher leapt out of the plane only to find that a piece of his suit became stuck on a protruding part of the plane itself. This INSTANTLY becomes a tense situation, as Miles is now tethered to the plane by his suit.

For his part, Miles Daisher is an accomplished skydiver/wingsuit jumper so this shouldn’t be the defining moment of his career:

But just think about this disaster for a second…he’s being dragged by the plane and cannot release himself. If he was the last person to jump there might not have been anyone left in that plane to free his snag. What does the pilot do in that situation? He can’t land with a man being dragged by the plane. And if Miles started twisting or spinning it would’ve instantly become a grave situation.