Philly Fans Chirp Eagles RB Miles Sanders After Begged Them To Stop Booing Players

Eagles Fans Chirp Miles Sanders After He Asked Them To Stop Booing

Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

  • Philadelphia is known as having one of the most fervent and outspoken fanbases of any city in America and they’re no strangers to throwing batteries or attacking Santa
  • Eagles running back Miles Sanders took to Twitter to beg Philly fans to stop booing and instead of listening to Sanders, the fans chirped him pretty hard on social media
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Booing is and will always be a major part of the live sports experience. Traditionally, fans boo the opposing team when they take the field and/or when that team is on offense and/or an all-star on the opposing team gets the ball, depending on the sport.

Then there’s the great city of Philadelphia where the passionate fans let the boos loose whenever they think their own players need to hear it. I’ll admit that as a Bucs fan I’ve booed my team but that was during 2 and 3 win seasons when the team was a dumpster fire.

Eagles fans were booing their team during Tuesday’s 27-17 win over the Washington Football Team. And after the game, Eagles running back Miles Sanders fired off a 2 AM tweet on Wednesday morning begging Philly fans to stop booing the players. Instead of being empathetic, a lot of fans immediately started chirping him. One guy resurfaced a relevant Jason Kelce quote that seems to be a blanket excuse for booing.

Miles Sanders Begs Philly Fans To Stop Booing Eagles Players

A tale of two fans (Pennsylvania native Mile Sanders ‘isn’t built for’ Philly, right….):

Just a comically bad take. ‘Athletes get paid a lot so people who don’t get paid a lot can boo them because they don’t make a lot of money’

It’s not that every Philly fan is pro-booing. I’d say most are not. But the number of Philly fans who are comfortable booing their own teams seems to be A LOT LOT LOT higher than any other city.

NFL players who get booed have to be so dang tired of hearing this Jason Kelce quote.

Asking Them To Stop Booing Just Means More Boos

Regardless of your stance on booing players, I think everyone can agree that asking fans to stop booing you is only going to cause some percentage of fans to boo even harder, louder, and more often.

Miles Sanders has put up 709 yards this season including back-to-back games with 100+ yards