If ‘Miracle On Ice’ Goalie Gets As Much Money For His Olympic Gear As He’s Asking, I’ll Start Believing In Miracles

by 4 years ago
Finland v USA

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Do you believe in miracles?!? Yes!

Do you believe how much former US Olympic Jim Craig is selling his game-worn gear for?!? No!!!

Jim Craig, the goaltender from the famous hockey win against the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics is selling some of his cherished memorabilia for a hefty price tag of a combined $5.7 million, ESPN has reported.

Some of the more valuable items he’s selling include his game-worn jersey, his actual Olympic gold medal, and the American flag he donned after the defeat of Finland in the final game. These items each are valued to be at $1 million.

Craig has decided to sell the items that were previously featured in different museums after the 35th anniversary of the games to “protect his family’s legacy.”

His “family’s legacy” is going to be the name of the mega-yacht he buys with all that cash. According to ESPN, other members of the 1980 gold medal team have sold their memorabilia over the years but for no where near as much money. Even if everything goes, barring another miracle, none of the items would be the most expensive Olympic memorabilia ever sold. The gold medal won by Jesse Owens in 1936 was sold for $1.46 million.

It’s a little too pricey for my blood. What can you show me in the Nancy Kerrigan collection?

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