Missouri Football Fans Mock Wrong School With Explicit Chant During Electric Field Storm

Missouri Fans Storm Field Harrison Mevis Field Goal Kansas State

It would appear as though the Kansas Jayhawks live rent-free in the heads of every Missouri fan, always. The Tigers pulled off a massive college football win over Kansas State on their home field on Saturday, but their fans were more concerned with a different program from the Sunflower State.

Missouri, which went to the locker room ahead 17-7, did not score in the third quarter and used a 13-point fourth quarter to come back from a 24-17 deficit. The last three points of the game were scored in the closing seconds on a walk-off field goal from way downtown.

Harrison Mevis, better known as Thiccer Kicker, stands 5-foot-11, 243 pounds. He lined up from 61 yards out with three seconds left and banged it home for the win.

If that wasn’t electric enough, Tigers fans poured onto the field. It was absolute pandemonium in Columbia after a win over the No. 15-ranked team in the country!

There were be plenty of people who hate on the field storm. That’s okay.

They have either never been a part of a field storm and wished they had, or they hate fun. Field storming, regardless of optics, is electric and everyone should have the chance to do so at least once!

However, there are limits to the postgame celebration. The Tigers missed the mark.

As hundreds of fans partied on Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium, an unusual chant broke out.

Missouri’s win on Saturday was over Kansas State, not Kansas. And yet — the fans joined voice on the field to chant “F— KU!” It was so loud that it could be heard on the ESPN broadcast.

Fans took note.

Rivalries are great. Kansas and Missouri, two states that border each other, hate each other.

However, to be chanting about a rival after beating their biggest rival and storming the field is a bad look. Enjoy the win over the Wildcats. Don’t even think about the Jayhawks. Lame.