Mitch Trubisky Weighs In On Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator Situation


Getty Image / Nick Cammett

The first few weeks of the Mitch Trubisky era have not been great for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense. Through 3 games, the offense has only produced 4 touchdowns.

It didn’t stop them from getting a Week 1 win against the Bengals thanks to a dominant performance from the defense where they forced 5 turnovers.

Unfortunately, the defense couldn’t carry the team for the next 2 games. The Steelers would drop those games to the Patriots and Browns.

After the Thursday night loss to the Browns, a report surfaced that Steelers players wanted offensive coordinator Matt Canada fired.

Josh Rowntree later clarified his report and revealed that while nobody is actively calling for his firing, players are unhappy with Canada’s offense.

Now Mitch Trubisky has given his thoughts on the Steelers’ offensive coordinator situation.

Mitch Trubisky weighs in on Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive coordinator situation

Unfortunately for Matt Canada and the Steelers, making those plays really falls on Trubisky and he just hasn’t lived up to the task so far this season.

That will need to change soon or the Steelers could be looking to make a change at quarterback or offensive coordinator some time this season.