MLB Fans Are In Shock After Umpire Jim Reynolds Finishes One Call Away From A Perfect Game

MLB Fans Are Stunned After Jim Reynolds Delivers An Ump Masterpiece

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The MLB umpiring issue has been a significant talking point all season long. As such, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred plans to introduce robot umps in 2024.

We have seen plenty of terrible performances: Angel Hernandez doing Angel Hernandez things, Hunter Wendelstedt’s terrible calls, and, perhaps worst of all, Doug Eddings’ awful performance.

But, believe it or not, there was a near-perfect performance by umpire Jim Reynolds during Thursday’s game between the Cleveland Guardians and Detroit Tigers. Here’s Reynolds’ score, courtesy of Umpire Scorecards.

That’s right, Reynolds finished with a 99% overall accuracy and 95% overall consistency. Out of 131 pitches, only one was called incorrectly, and here’s the pitch he missed.

We always talk about the terrible jobs by umpires, but let’s give Reynolds a tip of the hat for a fantastic job. MLB fans are still shocked at how good of a job Reynolds did.

Being an umpire is a difficult job, and the MLB definitely needs robot umps with the number of atrocious calls we have seen. But Jim Reynolds was a master on Thursday and deserves all the credit. Why can’t all of them be like him?