MLB Fans Torch Umpire Doug Eddings After Historically Bad Night During White Sox-Blue Jays Game

MLB Fans Torch Umpire Doug Eddings After Historically Bad Night

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  • The White Sox and Blue Jays game on Tuesday was historically bad — but not for the players.
  • Umpire Doug Eddings blew a season-high 26 calls during the game.
  • MLB fans torched Eddings for the atrocious evening.

Things did not go well for MLB umpire Doug Eddings during Tuesday’s Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays game.

How bad?

Well, Eddings blew 26 ball and strike calls during the game. Yes, 26!

In case you missed it, here are just some of the brutal calls from Eddings.

Eddings scorecard via Umpire Scorecards shows how bad it was for him.

And, well, here’s one inexcusable call. Really, this can’t be explained.

The reactions came pouring in.

MLB Fans Torch Doug Eddings For Historically Bad Night

Eddings might want to block everybody from his phone, email, and social media. Really anything of that nature.

It was that bad.

This was, to be frank, one of the worst umpiring jobs in MLB history and easily the worst in recent memory. As others said, Angel Hernandez would be proud.

The robot ump conversation once again came back, and we saw this already when Hunter Wendelstedt threw out some terrible calls — although Eddings performance is much, much worse.

Umpiring is not an easy job, but missing that many calls in one game is simply inexcusable. Let’s see when — or if — Doug Eddings returns to the diamond.