MLB Reporter Accidentally Nails Kid In The Head With A Baseball At Spring Training

MLB Spring Training game

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

The MLB season is quickly approaching as spring training is officially underway.

Fans are flocking to watch the games and make memories with their kids.

However, things turned sideways after an MLB reporter accidentally nailed a little kid in the head on live television.

Someone took a video of it while at home on Tik Tok. Make sure the sound is on because you won’t believe how loud it is when the ball hits the kid in the head.

@deegotti619 #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #baseball #arizona ♬ original sound – 95-Til-Infinity

Okay, the sound could have been added in as an effect. Regardless, that MLB reporter has to feel terrible.

Also, the dad just doesn’t even try. Even he couldn’t help but laugh at the awkward situation.

On top of that, her coworkers losing it in the studio make the clip that much more funny. It’s not every day a kid gets hit in the head by a baseball from an MLB reporter on live television.

We hope that kid is okay, and he will be. It’s not like the toss was thrown all that hard. But maybe someone should teach the kid how to use a baseball glove. Or at least teach him to put a hand up in front of his face when a ball is thrown his way.

At the end of the day, we just hope that young fan gets treated to some ice cream or something for taking that hit to the dome. But it might take a while for him to warm up to MLB baseball now.

Benedetto Vitale is a writer for BroBible and previously ClutchPoints. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is an avid of the Tennessee Titans, Memphis Grizzlies and Seattle Kraken fan. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a film degree, but has shifted his career to sports journalism.