MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Plans To Introduce Robo-Umps In The 2024 Season

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  • MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred wants to introduce robo-umps in 2024
  • Fans and players have been critical of umpiring this season
  • The change could eliminate human error changing the outcome of games

Baseball has introduced a variety of new changes over the last few years, which have impacted the game drastically. Depending how you view those changes, it’s changed for better or worse.

Still, there’s been a few main goals in adding these adaptations. Shorten games, create more action, and get calls right on the field. It seems that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is looking to focus on the latter even further in the coming seasons.

This year, we’ve seen a ton of criticism thrown towards umpires, particularly regarding the strike zone. It’s come from both players and fans, causing frustrations for those on the losing end.

Missed balls and strikes too often lead to ejections, which can have major ramifications on the outcomes of contests. Manfred is hoping to eliminate these miscues as much as possible in the very near future.

MLB Commissioner looks to introduce robo-umps in 2024

In an interview with ESPN’s Don Van Natta, Jr., MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said that he plans to introduce robo-umps, in some form or fashion, in the 2024 season.

That’s huge news in the world of baseball considering the impact it could have on the game. Many around the sport have been begging for this change.

The strike zone is the most debated component in baseball. Some umpires have a bigger zone, others can squeeze pitchers. With an automated ball and strike target, the debate will be eliminated.

Folks around social media have been quick to chime in on the proposed change.

Some are even wondering why the change can’t come sooner.

There are a few fans that are against the change. They reference the negative effect it could have on the catcher position.

While it could hurt the defensive catchers, it could also force players at the position to become more offensive minded. And everyone loves offense.

We’ll have to wait a few years for the rule change to come, but it will be interesting to see how it affects the game upon implementation.

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