Watch an MMA Fighter Tap Out So He Wouldn’t Keep Hurting His Opponent

by 4 years ago


When you see the title of a video like this, you might think—like me—that the MMA fighter in question was screwing with his opponent. Not content to simply kick the shit out of the sap, he forfeited too, as if to say, “Why am I still wasting my time killing you when I could be home watching House Hunters?” We’re conditioned to expect the worst, I guess.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth: in fact, this video contains some of the best sportsmanship you’ll ever see. Amateur fighter Mike Pantangco (of the Prison City Fight League, which is an AMAZING name straight out of a comic book) was dominating his opponent, Jeremy Rasner, to the point where a more experienced ref might have stepped in. But nothing happened, and after yet another kick to the face, Pantangco didn’t want to send Rasner to the hospital. So he tapped out.

Watch for his explanation.

[H/T: Barstool Sports]


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