Controversy Unfolds After Top-Five College Football Team Loses On Questionable Overturned Touchdown

Montana State wide receiver Clevan Thomas has touchdown overturned against South Dakota State
MIDCO Sports

Controversy looms over Saturday’s college football game between Montana State and South Dakota State, a top-three matchup on the FCS level. The Bobcats seemingly scored a game-winning touchdown with no time remaining. Upon further review, they did not.

Or did they?! That’s the question. That’s the controversy.

Montana State trailed by four points with nine seconds remaining in the game. The Bobcats had the ball at the Jackrabbits’ 25-yard-line and needed to take a shot to the end zone.

Quarterback Sean Chambers dropped back in the pocket, escaped to his right and looked down field as the clock continue to tick. It was going to be the final play of the game so he needed to make it count.

And then, as two defenders closed-in and three seconds left, Chambers unleashed a dart to the back of the end zone. Wide receiver Clevan Thomas Jr. was there to haul it in for six.

The game was over. Montana State won and players rushed onto the field to celebrate the walk-off win.

But that was just the call on the field. Officials chose to review the play and the waiting began.

Both teams’ hearts were racing as the booth took a look at Thomas’ catch. The Bobcats’ hearts sank when it was ruled incomplete and the touchdown was overturned.

Officials added one second to the game clock and gave Montana State one final play that was not as successful as the first. South Dakota State won by four.

Of course, the overturned touchdown created a lot of contention.

To some, Thomas caught the ball inbounds. To others, he did not have possession.

What was an extremely fun, back-and-forth game between two of the best teams on the FCS level quickly turned sour because of the final play. Fortunately, though, the loss will not hurt Montana State in the long run and there is a good chance that these two teams will meet again in the playoffs.

Was it a catch?!