Feast Your Eyes On The Most Aggressive High School Softball Catcher In The Game

I really want to ream this chick out for being a goddamn savage and fracturing the backbones of two unexpecting opponents. I really want to use phrases like ‘cheap shots’ and ‘that’s not the way America’s game should be played!’ But I simply cannot. If my left fielder had a routine pop fly ricochet off her glove, my pitcher (obviously the coach’s daughter) was tossing in meatballs that Ray Charles could take deep, and some chick on the other team was wearing that insufferable red, white and blue carnival hat (22 second mark), frustration alone would make me drop a shoulder or two. Shake things up. Change the complexion of the game.  So did she let her emotions get the best of her? Of course. But will those two chicks be a little more hesitant rounding third? No. Because they’re in the hospital right now. Two hairline fractures to the assbone. Out 6-8 weeks.

[H/T Barstool]

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