U.S. Map Shows Most Hated College Football Team In Each State. Or Does It?

by 5 years ago


Reddit’s college football Twitter account released their “Most Hated College Football Team in Each State” map last night. At first glance, it’s not difficult to see something is amiss. It makes sense that some states hate schools within that state due to in-state rivalries, but a lot of these results make no sense (e.g. Georgia hating Ohio State and California hating Michigan)

Well, in the 12 hours since the map was released, Reddit figured out that the ballot boxes might have been stuffed. This is probably the case with all of their recent “Most Hated Sports Teams” maps (enter sad trombone here). All someone (with no life) has to do is keep refreshing Reddit’s Google doc form and they can pile onto one school. You can just keep voting and voting and masturbating and voting and voting and eating nachos and voting and voting…

After realizing the flaws in their system, and seeing that Ohio State and Michigan fans were actually the people ruining the results, they removed some of the excess votes to create a new list.

All is now right in the world again. Carry on.

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