Map Shows Most Hated NHL Team By State, In Canada, and Throughout the World

by 4 years ago


We live in the era of the map. According to a scientific study I just made up in my head, 84 percent of all information is now disseminated via maps. The Rand McNally-fication of the world is now complete. Who could have seen that coming 10 years ago?

We’ve already shown you the most hated NBA teams, the most hated college football teams, the most hated NFL teams, and the most hated musical artists.  And still you want more.

So here, without further ado, is a map showing hatred toward NHL teams.

Perhaps we can dream of a more upbeat version of Map World for our children — one where an occasional positive effort is made and shared. Until then, though, it’s all hate all the time.

[H/T: Reddit]

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