New Study Has Officially Determined Which Team Is The MOST PAINFUL To Watch In The NFL

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I’m a Tennessee Titans fan. (Don’t ask.) So when I saw that the Wall Street Journal had done a study to determine which NFL team is the most painful to watch I figured it had to be my team. They suck. Like really bad. BUT, they do have Marcus Mariota which HAS TO BE the only reason they don’t rank number one on this list.

Using statistics that include the shortest average pass, fewest big plays, big plays called back due to penalty, most rushes that didn’t gain any yards, most pre-snap penalties, most fair catches, most dropped passes, and most failed coaching challenges, we now know which team is the most awful to watch.

So which NFL teams are most likely to make you want to change the channel when they appear on your television screen? These…

10. Atlanta Falcons
9. Carolina Panthers
8. Chicago Bears
7. Dallas Cowboys
6. San Francisco 49ers
5. New York Jets
4. Cleveland Browns
2 (tie). St. Louis Rams
2 (tie). Philadelphia Eagles
1. Indianapolis Colts

Are you surprised by any of these? Other than the Panthers and perhaps the Eagles, I’m not. And the Cowboys probably wouldn’t be on the list if it weren’t for Tony Romo’s injury, but Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel have made them a special kind of painful this year.

Still not sure how the Titans didn’t make the list though. Have you ever watched a Titans game?

Check out the entire study including the hows, whys and rankings in each category over at the Wall Street Journal.

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