Muhammad Ali Posted His First Selfie To Instagram And Naturally It Was ‘The Greatest’

First off, did anyone else here realize that The G.O.A.T. Muhammad Ali was even on Instagram? He’s only been on the social media site since November 12th, but how was this not national news?

Anyway, being The G.O.A.T. naturally it was only a matter of time before Ali, now 72, posted a selfie to his Instagram account, because that’s what Instagram is apparently for, and boom…here it is, his very first one…

Lousiville shirt, check. Typical Ali stare, check. And of course, the Cardinals racked up a 44 to 40 victory over rival Kentucky to put them in contention for a bowl bid. As if anything else would have been acceptable. When Muhammad Ali tells you to go, you better damn well go.