Murray State Pitcher John Lollar Has A Ridiculously High Leg Kick In His Windup, Makes Me Laugh

Stretching is important to the Average Joe and it’s the most important thing in Murray State pitcher John Lollar’s life.


Because he needs to be Gumby-like to perform his unique windup.

Whoa. Easy there, fella. You’re encroaching on Marilyn Manson’s urban myth territory.

Here’s moving pictures of Lollar’s old-timey delivery, which would destroy your groin if you tried it.

Don’t believe me? Grab some ice and give it a go. Just know I refuse to foot your medical bills.

In all honesty, I love this guy. Great strategy to distract the batter. All about keeping hitters off-balance.

Keep on doing your Juan Marichal impression, dude. Always room for characters in baseball.

[H/T: Sporting News]