Murray State Pitcher John Lollar Has A Ridiculously High Leg Kick In His Windup, Makes Me Laugh

by 4 years ago

Stretching is important to the Average Joe and it’s the most important thing in Murray State pitcher John Lollar’s life.


Because he needs to be Gumby-like to perform his unique windup.

Whoa. Easy there, fella. You’re encroaching on Marilyn Manson’s urban myth territory.

Here’s moving pictures of Lollar’s old-timey delivery, which would destroy your groin if you tried it.

Don’t believe me? Grab some ice and give it a go. Just know I refuse to foot your medical bills.

In all honesty, I love this guy. Great strategy to distract the batter. All about keeping hitters off-balance.

Keep on doing your Juan Marichal impression, dude. Always room for characters in baseball.

[H/T: Sporting News]