Three Must-Have NFL Players To Draft In Your Daily Fantasy Lineup In Week 11, According To A DFS Expert

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

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We are chugging right along, and headed to Week 11 already. Hopefully your favorite team is still alive, and not already looking to 2020 like my NY Giants. Thankfully, we still have Daily Fantasy Football to look forward to. Let’s see who we should be targeting this week.

QB Kyle Allen CAR $5300
Kyle Allen gets a matchup that we always love to go after in the Atlanta Falcons this week. Carolina has one of the highest implied team totals based on Vegas odds this week, and Allen is about as cheap of a QB as you can get. Christian McCaffrey is going to be highly owned, as well he should be. But by grabbing Allen, we can get good leverage on the field, in the instance that variance hits the Panthers, and they do most of the scoring on passes to their wideouts, and they don’t come CMC running them in. In a great matchup, Allen should have a safe floor, with some high upside, and save us some salary.

RB Brian Hill ATL $4800
With Devonta Freeman sidelined this week, Hill is in line to see a major uptick in production. The Panthers are a major funnel defense, in the fact that they invite teams to run, and dare them to pass. The Panthers pass defense has been one of the best in the league, but their run defense has been questionable at best. I expect Atlanta to lean on the run this week, giving Hill a good opportunity at a cheap cost.

Michael Thomas NO $9900
Well what do we do with all these saving this week? Well pay up for Michael Thomas of course. With one of our favorite matchups against the Bucs, and seeing at minimum of 11 targets per week over the last 5 weeks, Thomas oozes upside. Although one of the most expensive wide receivers we have ever seen, it’s hard to imagine Thomas not putting up at least 100 yards, with the upside of multiple touchdowns.


Build around these guys this week, and you’ll have a solid start to head to the top of the leaderboards!