Meet The Mastermind Who’s Made A Killing On Daily Fantasy Sports And Will Be Your Trusted Guide This NFL Season


You wouldn’t accept diet advice from Albert Haynesworth. Or sex tips from Tim Tebow. Or goal line strategy from Pete Carroll. So why would you accept advice on how to gamble on sports from someone who’s in debt deeper than a Jersey Shore v-neck? In the sports gambling space, there’s no shortage of unchecked, self-proclaimed “experts” or “insiders,” but just because you rock on J.C. Penny suit, get your hair cut from a salon, and speak loudly on television, that doesn’t mean that your advice is worth more than a preseason win.

It’s easy to be duped by the blowhards and talking heads, but the name of the game in sports gambling is winning money. And as beloved BroBible readers, you don’t deserve anything less. That’s why in the lead-up to the NFL season, we scoured the sports gambling scene to find you someone who can potentially make you a lot of it.

His name is Kevin Dudzinski, aka @kevdudz. Kev has raked in a king’s ransom on sports gambling, primarily NFL, by using a unique approach he worked to polish over the past five years. Kev Dudz will be BroBible’s trusted guide to betting smart this NFL season to set you guys up with a nice side hustle.

We sat down and talked with the betting wizard to find out more about his background and techniques. Check it out below.


BroBible: How long have you been at the sports gambling game?

Kev Dudz: I’ve been playing Daily Fantasy Sports since 2013.

BroBible: How do you stack up against other players?

Kev Dudz: According to, a DFS info website, I’m ranked in the top 5% of all DFS players.

Editor’s Note: Kev decided to keep his total winnings personal so as not to come off like a douche, but I know, and it’s a lot. 

BroBible: Did it always come naturally to you?

Kev Dudz:

I’ve been fortunate enough to grind out a profit playing DFS the last four years, but in the beginning, that wasn’t the case!  When I started, I had no idea what I was doing.  I always thought that I knew sports, so I would be good at DFS.  I learned the hard way that being a fan doesn’t make you an expert.

DFS, like anything else, requires a lot of time and effort to get an edge on your opponent.  As I continued to play, I learned new strategies on how to win, and began implementing them into my game.  This year, in my weekly articles, I am not only going to focus on the “good plays,” but we’ll talk about strategy around building your lineups for the week.

BroBible: What over-arching themes and advice can you give our readers before your NFL coverage kicks off on BroBible?

Kev Dudz:

The most important thing you can do when you play DFS is understand the contest you are playing.  If you are looking to grind out some profit, you should be joining 50/50 contests and double ups.  These are contests where roughly the top 45-50% of the field profits.  When you play these contests, you should be concentrating on “safety.” Players you know who will see the field often, and get lots of opportunities to make plays.  Sometimes these are your studs, like LeVeon Bell or Todd Gurley, or sometimes they are JJ Nelson on the Cardinals, who is forced into the WR1 spot for the Cardinals in Week 2 last year because of injuries.

If you are looking to make a big score, and entering one of the gigantic tournaments on DraftKings, the first thing you need to be prepared for is to lose.  These tournaments are entirely top heavy, and you need to attack these contests using the great Ricky Bobby’s mantra:  “If you’re not first, you’re last.”  I have found that my optimal strategy for these contests when making multiple lineups is to establish a group of core players.  These are the players that are going to be in 75-100% of your lineups. Barring injury or your core players laying an egg, when this group collectively plays well, you’ve got an arsenal of lineups that have the best chance to spring to the top of the leaderboard.

BroBible: What are you hoping to achieve for those who follow your coverage and adhere to your advice?

Kev Dudz:

I’m excited to partner with BroBible this year and help readers implement tried-and-tested strategies that will give them a leg up on the fan-types and increase their chances of winning money. Each week, I’ll provide some plays and statistics for the weeks upcoming matchups that will allow readers to assemble rock solid lineups. With pointed research and a little bit of luck, I look forward to see you all at the top of the leaderboards!


Kev will arming you guys with weekly articles on BroBible and we’re really excited to provide you bros with a golden opportunity to win big.

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