Fantasy Football Players React With Jubilation/Horror To Najee Harris’ Game-Ending Touchdown Run

Fantasy Football Players React To Najee Harris' Touchdown Run

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While I have won Fantasy Football championships in the past, this year was simply not my season. Early in the year, I thought I’d CRUISE to a final thanks to a roster that included Matthew Stafford, Nick Chubb, Joe Mixon, Mike Evans, D.J. Moore, and Mike Williams. In fact, for the first month of the season, I was in first place by some distance. But then it all came crashing down.

Sam Darnold and the Panthers became who we thought they were (big Dennis Green energy, RIP), which brought Moore down to WR3 status. Mike Williams decided to stop catching touchdowns. While Joe Mixon carried me for a while, Nick Chubb was an absolute disaster of a first-round pick considering how many analysts consider him to be the best “pure runner” in the league. Baker Mayfield playing with one arm certainly didn’t help, either. Now, while I did make the playoffs as the five-seed — which is really all you can ask for, just get into the dance and see what happens — I was knocked out in the quarterfinals after my team put up literally their worst point total of the season. Pain.

Still, there were, obviously, hundreds of thousands of people who made it to the Fantasy Football championship this weekend, with a staggering number of those games likely decided by Najee Harris’ game-ending, relatively meaningless fourth-quarter touchdown run against the Cleveland Browns on Monday night.

It should come as no surprise that the reactions on social media to Harris’ decisive run ranged from pure jubilation to abject horror.

Pure Jubilation:

Abject Horror:

Look at the glass half full, championship game losers: if your league had a decent buy-in, odds are you still won yourself a solid payout by coming in second place. That’s certainly more than I can say about my squad this year.

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