Mountain Biker Wearing GoPro Dares To Ride Trail So Thin It Looks Like He’s Falling Off A Cliff

mountain biking trails Dolomites Italy

iStockphoto / Nicola Colombo

French mountain biker Kilian Bron is showing off his new GoPro on the thinnest trail many people have ever seen.

Bron is one of the most famous riders in the sport of mountain biking. He has over 650K followers on Instagram and nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube, the vast majority of which are also in the mountain biking community.

So for him to shock the mountain biking world with this paper thin trail from the Dolomites in Italy, a trail that makes it look like he’s falling off a mountain the entire ride, is pretty remarkable. There are people watching this footage who didn’t know they had a fear of heights until seeing this mountain biker risk it all.

The second comment on Kilian Bron‘s post really sums up how a lot of people feel about seeing mountain bikers risk it all in videos like this. They wrote “I’m so glad other people do this stuff. It makes my life seem so stress free.”

Another person astutely pointed out ‘that’s not a bike trail.’ It is unclear how wide the handlebars are on his bike but handlebars range, on average, between 36cm to 46cm (14-18in). And men have, on average, shoulders that are 14 inches wide.

Looking at that trail, it is hard to get a sense of how wide it is but there are times when the clearance between the rock face wall on the rider’s left and the potentially deadly ravine to the right is a matter of inches at best. But this isn’t a weekend warrior here, this is Kilian Bron, one of the best mountain bikers around.

Here is Kilian bombing down the ‘Mountain of Hell’ race in 2019:

Extreme Sports athletes really do risk it all.